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Invitation From The Yunnan Educational Department of China

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Subject: Invitation From The Yunnan Educational Department of China

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Dear Admission or Promotion Person-in-Charge,

 The Ninth Yunnan International Education Exhibition (summer event) will take place in June 2013, in turn, in Kunming, Yuxi and Honghe where there is better economic development level and a larger number of students. With the geographical advantage of the three cities, the exhibition will serve 200,000 students who take part in Gaokao(the college entrance examination in China), as well as other students of different ages, and it will build a bridge for overseas universities and international educational institutions to deeply develop the education market of Yunnan province.

Welcome all the overseas colleges and universities, international education institutions, study abroad service agencies to join and visit the exhibition!

Welcome to Yunnan! 
Summer Fair:                            Kunming



Autumn Fair:                             
Date : June 23 -25, 2013
Venue: Kunming International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Date: June 26-27, 2013
Venue: Yuxi Middle School For Nationalities

Date : June 28 -29, 2013
Venue: Mengzi High School, Honghe Prefecture

Date : October 26 -27, 2012
Venue: AD Building, Yunnan Education Department
Application deadline: April 26, 2013
Yunnan International Education Exhibition, hosted by the Department of Education of Yunnan Province, is an international, professional and authoritative exhibition with the largest scale and the highest level in the education industry of Southwestern China. Since the year of 2005, it has built a platform of enrolment, publicity, cooperation and communication for thousands of educational institutions of more than 20 countries both in China and abroad. The total number of consulting students and parents has reached 140,000 so far. And 1800 schools and institutions have participated.

The studying abroad market have shown fast-growing trend in recent years, even the children very young, more and more of them prefer to studying abroad. As revealed by questionnaires on the spot of the eighth event, the rate of students inquiring studies abroad experienced a rapid increase, from 18% in 2008 to 58% in 2012. Driven by this requirement, the percentage of overseas schools and studying abroad service institutions in the exhibition increased from 20% to 38.2%. In 2012, the IELTS test was held 24 times and attracted over 15,000 participants. Let alone the students who participate the TOEFL test and groups who leave the province without taking these tests and directly entering foreign language preparation schools as their pathway to an international education.
◆ DM Pre-expo Dispatches
Target Group: All senior middle schools and National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) test centres under the administration of Kunming 、Yuxi and Honghe. About 80,000- 100,000 individuals will receive this precious dispatch.
◆ Exhibitors’ Directories
Target Group:This pamphlet is free and will be presented to all visitors on the spot, wherever in Kunming 、Yuxi or Honghe. List of exhibitors, agenda of the exposition and studying-abroad seminars, layout plan of exhibitors and other important information will be printed on it. It is helpful at the hall to look for ideal schools and organizations and back home to contact with exhibitors. 30,000 visitors will use it for guidance.
◆ Advertisement on the Ticket
Target Group: All the students and their parents of Kunming、Yuxi and Honghe who come to visit the event, for visitors only enter the exhibiting hall via a ticket.
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Official website:
Education Department of Yunnan Province (EDYP)
Provincial Centre for Educational Technology of Yunnan Province
The Recruiting and Testing Office of EDYP
Yunnan Provincial Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange
Vocational & Adult Educational Office of EDYP
Non-Governmental School-Running Management Office of EDYP
Education Commissions of All Prefectures, Cities and Regions in Yunnan Province
Yunnan Chundi Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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