Animal Science and Dairy Production

  • Faculty: Animal Sciences and Dairy Production
  • Type of studies: first-cycle (full time) studies/ Bachelor’s (Engineer’s) degree
  • Duration: 7 semesters 
  • Diploma: recognized within European Union 


  • Information about the programme

    The programme will provide students with knowledge of fundamental principles in each stage of animal production, and  production of high quality food products of animal origin. Emphasis is also put on providing students with skills and competencies regarding animal husbandry, breeding techniques, medical care and humane treatment of animals, feed technology, farm management and food processing methods.

    Programme highlights:

    • Highly qualified staff,
    • Modern teaching methods,
    • Exceptional laboratories
    • Multidisciplinary field experience,
    • Cooperating area farmers and ranchers,
    • Experiential learning opportunities,
    • Practical training during studies,
    • Modern facilities, equipment and campus,
    • A number of scientific and student organizations in which you can develop your interests.
  • Career opportunities

    Graduates will be able to start to their professional careers in: 

    • Public Administration Related to Agriculture
    • Farm /Herd Management
    • Breeding Supervision and Insemination Services
    • Dairy Production
    • Food Processing Occupations
    • Commodity Organization Specialist
    • Milk Inspector
    • Animal Nutrition Consultant
    • Feed Sales Representative