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Department of Industrial and Medicinal Plants

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Research directions: biology and agricultural engineering of specific industrial plants (hops, tobacco, wicker and herbal plants). In relation to medicinal plants, the research is mainly related to adaptogenic and immunogenic agricultural engineering of plants (ginseng, evening primrose, St John’s wort, common valerian, artichoke, echium, leonurus, nettle). Major achievements: Development of the method determining hops fertilizing needs on the basis of chemical composition of plants. Development of the tobacco cultivation method allowing for broader plant exploitation (leaves and seeds harvest). Examination of the yield potential and chemical composition of seeds of various types of tobacco.

Determination of the influence of density of new tobacco varieties on crops and leaves quality and the development of the cultivation method by means of strip planting which facilitates nurturing and harvesting.

In relation to herbal plants: the development of the five-leaf ginseng cultivation method (ginseng - not yet cultivated in Poland).

It was found that in the case of herbal plants the key factor affecting crop growth is foliar feeding.