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University of Life Sciences in Lublin offers various academic degree programmes at the 1st (Bachelor), 2nd (Master) and 3rd (Doctoral) level in Polish language.  DEGREE PROGRAMMES (Polish language): 

Five & half-year degree programme, leading to a Veterinary Surgeon degree:

•   veterinary medicine


Bachelor - I degree studies:

 •  agriculture   •   science of commodtities   •   economics   •   environmental engineering •   tourism and recreation   • spatial economy  •  forestry  •   animal husbandry   •   environment protection   •   biology   • work safety and hygiene •  food safety •  hippology and horse riding  •   horticulture •  landscape architecture  •  plant protection and phytosanitary control •   agricultural and forestry engineering •   management and production engineering
•   education in technology and information technology •   geodesy and cartography •   transport
•  safety engineering   • chemical and process engineering •  food technology and human nutrition  • biotechnology
•  dietetics


Master - II degree studies:

•   agriculture  •   science of commodtities   •  environmental engineering •  biology   •   environment protection
•   animal husbandry  •   horticulture   •  landscape architecture •   agricultural and forestry engineering
•   management and production engineering •  food technology and human nutrition  • biotechnology •  hippology and horse riding  •  plant protection and phytosanitary control 

PhD level – III degree studies:

The University comprises of seven Faculties, which have the right to confer doctoral degree. There are: the Faculty of Agrobioengineering,  the Faculty of  Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
the Faculty of Biology and Animal Breeding, the Faculty of Production Engineering, the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology, the Faculty of  Agricultural Sciences



Information for foreginers interested in studying with us (in Polish language):


1. (general information)
Informacje ogólne dla cudzoziemców o studiach w UP w Lublinie. 

2. (standard recruitment procedure)
Rekrutacja dla cudzoziemców na zasadach obowiązujących polskich obywateli. 

3. (Polish Government scholarships)

Stypendium RP dla cudzoziemców.
4. (tuition fee)

Cudzoziemcy - opłata za studia
5. (required documents)

Rekrutacja dla cudzoziemców - wymagane dokumenty
6. (health insurance)

Ubezpieczenie zdrowotne studentów cudzoziemców