Dr hab. Justyna Batkowska, Associate Professor

Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy
Institute of Biological Basis of Animal Production
Sub-Department of Improving Animals and Poultry Farming
tel: +48 81 445-67-39

Characteristics of the conducted research

Multidisciplinary research in the field of:

  1. Poultry breeding
  2. Systems of poultry rearing
  3. Poultry products quality
  4. Poultry physiology
  5. Poultry reproduction



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  2. Drabik, K., Batkowska, J., Próchniak, T., & Horecka, B. (2021). Citric acid as a factor limiting changes in the quality of table eggs during their storage. Poultry Science, 100(4), 100995.
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