Profesor Igor Tomašević przeprowadził wykłady dla doktorantów II roku kształcenia.

Igor Tomašević
Associate professor

Food Science and Technology
Faculty of Agriculture
University of Belgrade
Head of the Department for Animal Origin Food Science and Technology


Subject: Writing and editing scientific text 

Lecture 1: 09.04.2021 Scientometrics
Lecture 2: 16.04.2021 Writing s research paper
Lecture 3: 23.04.2021 Preparing for manuscript submission
Lecture 4: 30.04.2021 Manuscript review and how to survive it
Lecture 5: 07.05.2021 Publishing a research paper

Subject: Commercialization of research results

Lecture 1: 9.04.2021 How to convert research into commercial success story
Lecture 2: 16.04.2021 Measuring Commercialisation of Research results
Lecture 3: 23.04.2021 Balancing risk and benefits of the commercialization of academic research
Lecture 4: 30.04.2021 Major Trends and Mechanisms to Commercialize Research Results
Lecture 5: 08.05.2021 Case studies

Subject: Seminar IV

Lecture 1: 26.02.2021 The peer review process – an introduction how to do a review
Lecture 2: 12.03.2021 How to become a (bad) reviewer
Lecture 3: 19.03.2021 How to become a (good) reviewer
Lecture 4: 26.03.2021 Peer review – ethical issues
Lecture 5: 28.05.2021 Review checklist