Dr. Mumtaz works at the Laser and Photonics Research Center, University of Al-Hamdaniya , Iraq. I have many researches in the fields of animal resources (animal management, nutrition, environment, physiology, animal behavior, Husbandry, production, and others). Member of several associations that specialize in animal production. Participation in conferences external and internal Iraq. Lecturer in (Holland organization) that takes care of training young breeders in rural areas of Iraq. And an associate member to address the problems of administrative and nutritional educators. Currently, I am working on a project to address drought problems and their impact on livestock in Iraq.

Part of the livestock in Iraq

The aim: The aim of this lecture is to give clear information about livestock in Iraq.

  • forms of the environment and the impact of climatic factors on the increase and decrease in the number of animals in the livestock sector.
  • Also, in this lecture, the most important existing types and the details of each type and the phenotypic and productive characteristics, will be identified.

Lecture language: The lectures will be in English

Target group: Postgraduate student

Lecture schedule: Friday, 21/1/2022 at 10:15-11:30

Lecture content: The lectures consist of three parts

The first part: will be about the nature of Iraq in terms of factors that affect livestock and statistics about the types of farm animals in Iraq.

The second Part: Large ruminants, a detailed explanation of cows and buffaloes in terms of phenotypic and productive traits, in addition to less important animals such as camels and horses.

The third Part: Small ruminants, a detailed explanation of sheep and goats in terms of phenotypic and productive traits.