International Veterinary Staff Week

University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland is pleased to announce International  Veterinary Staff Week entitled



‘Innovative approaches to teaching basic veterinary subjects’

The event will be held between 13th July and 17th July 2020 and it is mainly designed for teachers involved in veterinary biochemistry but also for specialists who are interested in innovative veterinary medicine teaching methods.
Planned Schedule you can find here: 
The aim of the Staff Week is to discuss different aspects of teaching basic veterinary subjects. The participants will have  the opportunity to attend several lectures, round-table discussions and workshops and also participate actively making their own presentations. The programme will also provide participants with networking possibility as well as exchange of know-how and good practices.
Compulsory Staff Week registration fee is 100EUR and it includes:
  • a welcome kit
  • lunches
  • a city guided tour
  • farewell dinner
  • open air museum
Veterinary studies are very demanding due to their specificity. They cover the theoretical part, which may be disappointing for students as overloaded with theoretical knowledge, as well as the clinical part, often raising fear in students of wrong and erroneous clinical procedures. The selection of appropriate methods and teaching tools cannot be based solely on content related knowledge of the subject or intuition, but should be verified by  pedagogical and psychological studies. Lately, a rapid increase in quality of teaching, student satisfaction level and their  motivation and the variety of ways how to obtain success in learning has been indicated, therefore many papers dealing with these topics have been published in top medical journals.
Knowledge about both teaching methods related to biology of learning and memory based on neurobiology may improve significantly the quality of teaching and make teaching and learning easier, more effective and also more enjoyable.
The application deadline: 30 April 2020