Dear students,
we would like to announce Selfie and Video Contest for foreign students currently studying at University of Life Sciences in Lublin. 
It starts on 6th December and ends on 15th January.
What do you have to do to take part?
1. Make a video/selfie of your stay at University of Life Sciences in Lublin (you, you and your colleagues in classes, clinics, or any other university venues, your best moments at ULSL, anything you find interesting and memorable) 
2. Publish your video or selfie in a popular social media with hashtags #przyrodnicy #uplublin #ulslublin #ULSL.
!! Make sure that your selfies/videos are public in your Facebook profile and don’t forget to tag University of Life Sciences in Lublin Facebook profile !!
There will be 3 students selected for the prizes according to 2 categories:
1. Selfie 
2. Video 
What will the winners get?
Attractive prizes including electronic devices and some items of clothing with the logo of University of Life Sciences in Lublin.
Let us create good memories of Your stay at our University with You!