Jerzy Grudziński
Information systems in repair of tractors and agricultural machinery

The study deals with computer support of decision processes in repair 
of tractors and agricultural machinery. The modern approach to maintenance of technical objects, based on paradigm of sustainable development involves, besides using them, also the maintenance of waste materials. Rigorous ecological requirements and the need of high quality services determine a new role for processes of regeneration of technical objects. The application of information technologies creates unknown so far perspectives of representation and transfer of knowledge.
The objective of the study is research on computer support technology based on selected methods of knowledge engineering. Computer support systems built for the needs of small rural mechanical workshops equipped with universal servicing- repairing technologies, were the subject of the investigation. There were applied the following programming tools: expert system shell POLSHELL, a platform for creating web pages NetObject Fusion, Visual Basic and other graphical programmes.
On the basis of reference data, the hypothesis of purposefulness and possibilities of knowledge representation based on expert system theory on selection of regeneration technologies and materials, was put forward.
The description of methodology of decision support system building included information on computer aided methods for the selection of welding filler materials, technological conditions and limitations of repair of tractors and agricultural machinery as well as the criteria of filler material selection. The methods of parts regeneration based on welding technology and on polymer composite materials were taken into consideration. Acquisition of knowledge connected with the subject of the study with its introduction in the form convenient for saving as facts and decision rules, was done. The range and order of activities for building advisory system was introduced.
The implementation of methodology was shown as three examples of software applications. The first one concerns decision support on each stage of harvesters engine crankshaft regeneration by REGE method. The second system supports the selection process of filler material for welding or surfacing regeneration. The system, on the basis of dialog session with the user, makes selection of appropriate material produced by ESAB and introduces to the user a proposal with justification of choice and some essential information about the material. The third one, designed as web page, provides opportunities of training on regeneration of parts by means CHESTER MOLECULAR composites on the polymer basis. It offers hypertext descriptions, graphical representation of materials and shows different cases of regeneration with similar parameters. One of it’s elements is the support system for regeneration material selection.
The research work confirmed validity of the hypothesis. The most important results of the investigation are as follows:
– selection of a group of technologies and filler regeneration materials, useful for the needs of small and medium enterprises that provide technical support in agriculture,
– determining of systematizing and taxonomy criteria of materials properties which are important for selection,
– developing of original methodology of supporting systems selection of technology and filler regeneration materials, applying the most modern achievements of knowledge engineering,
– building of software application, being an effective tool of knowledge transfer, useful on different stages of specialist education.