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General Information

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The aim of the Biophysics course is to acquaint Students with the basic laws governing macro- and microscopic world and the research methods of Biophysics with particular emphasis on the description of natural/living processes by laws and rules.


Course lasts 10 weeks and covers 30 hours, 10 out of which are lectures while 20 are laboratory classes. Lectures last 2 hours and meetings are organized fortnightly (5 meetings during 10 weeks). Detailed lectures' schedule is avaliable in Syllabuses. During laboratory classes, which are on the weekly basis, Students are supposed to conduct biophysical experiments according to the individual plan for each student or the group of students. 


Lectures are held in the Laboratory no.15 – Animal Science building,

Laboratory classess are in the Laboratory no.15 – Animal Science building



Person responsible:

Izabela Świetlicka, PhD – Animal Science building, room no.11, Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Environmental Biology

81 445 69 05, izabela.swietlicka@up.lublin.pl




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Lectures' general schedule

1. Work, force and mechanical energy. Muscles and levers in living organisms.

2. Thermodynamic look on living organisms.

3. Transport phenomena: matter, energy and momentum exchange.

4. Oscillations and mechanical waves. Elements of acoustics.

5. Geometrical and physical optics. Visual effects.

6. Nuclear physcis and radioactive decay.

7. Information theory and control (optional).


Pdf files with materials will be attached to the special file after each lecture. Detailed schedule is avaliable here.



1. Physics of Life Science, Jay Newman

2. Handbook of Physics, W. Benenson, J. W. Harris, H. Stocker, H. Lutz

3. Physics in Biology and Medicine, P. Davidovits

4. Biophysics: An Introduction, Rodney Cotterill



Laboratory classes

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Laboratory classes are going to check students theoretical and practical knowledge on some biophysical laws, rules and phenomenas. Although the list of experiments covers 14 different laboratory tasks (here you can find the complete list of experiments and corresponding questions), Students are supposed to conduct only some of mentioned experiments. Each class is going to be preceded by a short test concerning the necessary knowledge. 


General structure of laboratory classess:

Week 1: organisational class

Weeks 2-9: Students write short test and conduct experiments according to the schedule wich will be avaliable during first meeting

Week 10: qualifications


Detailed instructions will be described during first meeting. 


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