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Didactic activity


 Ethics course covers 1 semester and 30 didactic hours.

Lectures are in weekly intervals during whole semester 2 h each and demonstrate the main concepts and problems of the theoretical and practical ethics.

Lectures have both systematic and historical character.

Detailed description of topics is available in syllabus.

The final grade will be given to students on the basis of

their participation in classes, as well as their marks from

the written final test. Students are allowed to have 2

absences which are unaccounted for.

In case of multiple absences it will be necessary to pass them orally or writtenly.


Leszek Kopciuch – Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

UMCS, Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 4,
room no 304

Department of History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy,

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology UMCS


Dates Title of Class
 20/02/19  theoretical and practical ethics, their branches and main problems 
 26/02/19   applied ethics, ethics and axiology
 05/03/19   history of ethics part I
 12/03/19   history of ethics part II
 19/03/19   contemporary positions in ethics – part I
 26/03/19   contemporary positions in ethics– part II
 02/04/19   contemporary positions in ethics - part III
 09/04/19   contemporary positiosn in ethics - part IV
 16/04/19   contemporary positiosn in ethics - part V
 30/04/19   contemporary positiosn in ethics - part VI
 07/05/19   contemporary metaethics and its issues
 14/05/19   Egoism
 21/05/19   Peter Singer's practical ethics
 28/05/19  Nature and environment - moral aspects: Hans Jonas' ethics 
 04/06/19   Principles of veterinary medical ethics  File 1 File 2


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