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MSc. Paweł Grychnik is conducting a project titled “Molecular Analysis of Hepatoprotective Effects of Medicinal Herbs in Combating Liver Dysfunctions Induced by Aflatoxin B1 in a Porcine Model.”

MSc. Paweł Grychnik, under the supervision of Prof. Brygida...

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Agata Michalska, MSc with National Science Centre grant OPUS-23

Agata Michalska, MSc PhD Supervisor:  Michał Świeca, PhD...

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Kaja Ziółkowska, MSc, PhD candidate - National Science Centre grant OPUS-18

Kaja Ziółkowska, M.Sc., PhD candidate PhD spervisor: prof...

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Research team led by Eugeniusz R. Grela, PhD, DSc, ProfTit, with funding from Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

By decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural...

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Artur Ciszewski, DMV won the 1st edition of INTERPROJEKT contest

Project titled “The assessment of the impact of dietary...

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Agriculture and horticulture: Wiktoria Kępska, MSc

Wiktoria Kępska, MSc Supervisor: Tadeusz Paszko, PhD, DSc...

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Agriculture and horticulture: Mikołaj Feculak, MSc

Mikołaj Feculak, MScPhD supervisor: Izabela Jośko, Ph.D...

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Maciej Bryś with a National Science Centre grant

The success of Maciej Bryś, M.A. – a grant awarded by...

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Radosław Smagieł, MSc; discipline: Animal sciences and fisheries

Radosław Smagieł, MSc Supervisor: Professor Katarzyna...

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Angelika Tkaczyk-Wlizło, MSc and Jowita Zwolska, DMV with a PRELUDIUM contest grant

We are very pleased to announce that Angelika...

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