Bachelor's programmes

Type of programme Name Faculty Duration
(no. of semesters)
Tuition fee
(per I year, EUR)
Admission fee (EUR)
Bachelor Equine Management and Care Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy 6

I year – 5900;
II, III year – 6700


Bachelor of Science

Animal Science and Dairy Production Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy

I year – 4000; 
II, III year – 4200;
IV year – 2100

Bachelor of Science Management and Production Engineering Faculty of Production Engineering 2300 150
Bachelor of Science

Food Technology and Human Nutritioon

Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology 7
I year – 3900 
II, III year – 4300
IV year 2100
Bachelor of Science

Global Management in Smart Agriculture

Faculty of Agrobioengineering 7