Agata Michalska, MSc
PhD Supervisor:  Michał Świeca, PhD, DSc, ProfTit
Discipline: food technology and human nutrition


“Fungal bioactive substances with targeted pro-health potential – the role of interactions, bioavailability and bioavailability as factors creating the functionality of microencapsulated functional additives in in vitro and in vivo model”

The project is financed by the NCN the “OPUS-23” program.

The aim of the project:

The project examines wild mushrooms for their health-promoting effects, including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties. This research allows the creation of a base of knowledge on the composition and bioactivity of mushrooms that have not been known so far. The research aims to assess the health-promoting properties and safety of potential ingredients of the so-called novel food. It is aimed to carry out multidirectional research covering the bioavailability of individual active ingredients and the role of their mutual interactions in creating bioactivity. Compiling the results from the first steps of the project aims to select ingredients and develop microcapsule technology with desirable technological features, high consumer quality and health-promoting properties. Ultimately, the usefulness will be tested in in vivo tests, which will enable the introduction of a new group of functional foods, which will be characterized not only by high nutritional value but also by preventive action against lifestyle diseases.