Gender Equality Plan

Countering discrimination and promoting pro-equality attitudes is an important part of the activities of any public institution. In order to ensure a safe for all, respectful for diversity and a discrimination-free working and studying environment, we are presenting the Gender Equality Plan for the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. The document has been created by a team established for this purpose and supervised by the Vice-Rector for Human Resources – Prof. Andrzej Marczuk. The main task of the team was to diagnose the current situation at the University and, based on this, prepare a gender equality action plan for the coming years.

The content of the Plan addresses the areas identified by the European Commission as key to achieving gender balance in any organization, i.e.:

  1. Work-life balance and the organizational culture of the institution,
  2. Gender balance in management and decision-making groups,
  3. Gender equality in recruitment and career development,
  4. Integration of gender issues in research and teaching content,
  5. Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.

The analysis of statistical data as well as collection of opinions of employees and students of the University made it possible to have a careful look at the situation of both sexes at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, draw conclusions and formulate goals, which realization will contribute to the promotion, implementation and monitoring of positive actions for gender equality and diversity as well as reducing discrimination at the University:

Goal 1: To raise awareness and increase knowledge on equality, equal treatment, anti-discrimination and response to discrimination among the entire academic community,Goal 2: To set standards and good practices at the University in terms of equal treatment and anti-discrimination, Goal 3: To facilitate activities that contribute to work-life balance, Goal 4: To promote equal access to academic careers and recruitment processes.

The Gender Equality Plan for the University of Life Sciences in Lublin is a strategic action covering the period 2023-2025. It is a dynamic program, which will evolve as a result of the ongoing research, analysis and evaluation. The Plan has been signed by Prof. Krzysztof Kowalczyk, Rector of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin and put into action by an order published in the Public Information Bulletin (BIP).

The Plan meets the priorities of the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025 and responds to the requirement of the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission that each university, research unit and public administration entity, must have a plan for gender equality in order to access research funding under the „Horizon Europe” Programme.

ULSL Gender Equality Plan (PL)
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