Faculty of Environmental Biology

Didactic activity

Biology – first-cycle programme, second-cycle programme, specialties: applied biology or forensic biology.

The forensic biology study program was developed in cooperation with the police, which is also responsible for some of the classes. The studies are to prepare graduates to work as laboratory technicians. The established cooperation will result in the possibility of carrying out master’s theses, the topics of which will be commissioned by the police staff.

Environmental Protection – first-cycle engineering degree programme, second-cycle programme, master’s degree programme

Environmental protection is one of the priority courses developed and promoted by the European Union. This course integrates knowledge in the field of: natural sciences, environmental sciences, as well as technical, agricultural and forestry. It deals with changes taking place in the natural environment and the rational management of its resources, including methods of harmonizing technical progress with high environmental quality standards as well as biological and landscape diversity.

Biocosmetology – first-cycle engineering degree programme

Biocosmetology is a practical field of study. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in the design and production of biocosmetics and cosmetology They will learn about the properties of natural cosmetic raw materials (plant and animal), including ecological ones; methods of their acquisition, storage and identification of active ingredients. Students will be able to develop innovative recipes/formulas, make cosmetic preparations; use the equipment necessary for the production of biocosmetics and use the equipment for cosmetic treatments.

Biosecurity and Crisis Management – first-cycle engineering degree programme

The student will acquire thorough knowledge of the natural, veterinary and social sciences. The student will learn the physical, chemical and biological threats in the environment, including epidemics, terrorist threats, fires, floods, ecological disasters, threats in the food economy, threats in the digital space. The student will learn the principles of biosecurity operation and crisis management services as well as legal regulations in this area.

Management and Adaptation to Climate Change – first-cycle engineering degree programme

The growing climate crisis causes a rapid increase in the demand for specialists with knowledge and skills in the field of adapting various sectors of the economy to dynamic climate changes. This is the field of study that will enable students to obtain the profession in demand on the current and future labour market. Climate changes are already clearly visible on a global scale and their effects are expected to become increasingly tangible. Therefore, at a time of climate crisis, it is particularly important to educate professionals in the field of management and mechanisms for adapting to climate change.

Ecorehabilitation – first-cycle engineering degree programme

In modern society, there is a growing need for non-medical activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle and patterns of pro-health behaviour. Educating specialists in the field of knowledge of pro-health, anti-stress techniques and supporting the vital functions of the body is of particular importance. This field of study is a modern and interdisciplinary didactic offer that meets the global trends in the use of natural resources and the creation of a “new multifunctional identity” in areas of outstanding environmental value.