Faculty of Environmental Biology

Didactic units

Department of Biophysics

  • Sub-department of Molecular Biophysics
  • Sub-department of Applied Physics

The Department conducts research on the mechanical properties of thin-layer biological materials – biodegradable materials; studies of the biomechanics and structure of tissues as well as the functional properties of bioactive substances and nanomaterials in natural and model systems (in vivo and in vitro); molecular organization and interaction of biologically active compounds with lipid membranes.

Department of Botany and Plant Physiology

  •  Sub-department of Aerobiology
  • Sub-department of Plant Biology
  • Sub-department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

The Department conducts research on plant biology and ecology – research in the field of micromorphology, histology and ultrastructure of plant organs; anatomy of plant secretory structures and the location of biologically active substances in the tissues of plant organs; flowering biology; the dynamics and effectiveness of nectar secretion and the assessment of nectar quality characteristics; determining the suitability of species for improving the food base of pollinating insects.

Department of Invertebrates Ecophysiology and Experimental Biology


Department of Hydrobiology and Protection of Ecosystems

  • Sub-department of Landscape Ecology and Nature Protection
  • Sub-department of Hydrobotany

The Department conducts research on the biology and ecology of peat-bog ecosystems – research in the field of ecology and ecophysiology of aquatic microorganisms, epiphytic fauna, zoobenthos, phytoplankton, phytobenthos, zooplankton, pleuston and neuston, ichthyofauna using molecular biology techniques; trophic relationships in aquatic ecosystems; toxicological aspects of ecosystem functioning; the biology of invasive species; the ecology of polar ecosystems; restoration and protection of peat-bog ecosystems, and research in the field of landscape ecology.

Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology

  •  Laboratory of Environmental Bioindication

The Department conducts research in the field of biology and ecology of terrestrial zoocoenoses – research on centipedes, parasites, molluscs, birds and aquatic fauna; determination of the influence of environmental factors on selected animal organisms and biocenoses as well as utility insects; insect parasite studies; studies of specific biochemical, microbiological and molecular biomarkers at the cellular, tissue and organ levels as bio indicators of environmental pollution.