Library collections are borrowed on the basis of a valid electronic student ID card or a library card.


  • In order to borrow a book from the Main Library, you have to first determine its location, for which you can use the electronic library catalog.
  • If the description in the location field contains the information ‘students’ books’, the book is intended for hire for a period of up to 6 months.
  • If the location of the ‘magazine of the Main Library’ is found in the location field, students can borrow it for up to one month.
  • Waiting time for realization of the request is around 30 minutes. Books which are ordered electronically outside the library opening hours can be picked up the next day from 8:30 a.m.
  • Books ordered from the warehouse are stored in the rental for two days.


Who has the right to borrow:

  • students and PhD students of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin
  • employees and retired employees of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin
  • academic teachers of other universities in Lublin – on the basis of the agreement between universities
  • professional staff of Lublin’s scientific institutions – on the basis of the agreement between the scientific institution and the University of Life Sciences in Lublin


How many books and for how long can you borrow:

  • employees of the University of Life Sciences – 30 books for up to 12 months foreign publications, for 6 months Polish publications
  • postgraduate students – University of Life Sciences – 10 books for up to 1 month
  • students – University of Life Sciences – 10 books for up to 6 months


Extending the return date of books

  • If necessary, the reader can extend the book borrowing time (twice)


Books’ return:

  • Books will be returned to the Main Library building at a specified time, or you can use the drop box at the AGRO II building within its opening hours.
  • Fines will be charged on overdue items. The fine rates are calculated by the computer system for each day of delay. Payment of the fine is made in the rental.
  • In the event of a book being lost or destroyed, the reader is required to redeem the same or a later issue.


The following are not allowed to leave the library:

  • serial publications with the exception of monographs
  • books from the open stacks collection
  • special collections

In the Scientific Information Department you will obtain:

Bibliographic information:
– help in finding source material
– comprehensive help is provided in using bibliographies, informers, abstracts, databases, internet resources, etc.

Achievements of the employees of the University of Life Sciences
– on the basis of the lists of publications, the ‘database of employees of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin’ is compiled.

– Scientific Information Department conducts training on the methodology of searching for scientific information for students.

Reading room with open stack collection is on the second and third floor.

In the reading room you can use:
•    gathered collections
•    special collections
•    books and magazines ordered from the library magazine
•    standards
•    sources on electronic data carriers
•    students’ own materials, after prior notification to the librarian

Readers, without the need to fill in the request forms, choose the books from the shelves which they can use on site or only some copies can be taken outside the Library. In the reading room there is a self-service scanner, but you can always turn for help to the librarian on duty. All books and magazines have been protected against unlawful removal using RFID technology. Open access specimens have been classified and specially marked. The books which can be used on the spot are marked with a red dot, which is located above the signature on the back of the volume.

The books gathered in the magazine of the Library can be ordered to the reading room. Books, magazines, standards from the magazine should be ordered for reading room use:
•    on the computer request form – if their descriptions are in the computer directory
•    on the paper request form – if we find them only in the card catalog

On the third floor there are rooms for individual and group work.

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