Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


The history of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine dates back to 10 October 1944 and it is inseparably connected to the establishment of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin on 23 October 1944. At that time, the first four faculties were created: Medical, Life Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary.

In the first two years, the academic year 1944/1945, there were160 students at the faculty of different degrees of advancement of knowledge acquired at pre-war veterinary schools. in 1945, the appointed examination committee awarded the first 7 diplomas of Veterinary Medicine in post-war Poland. In 1945, two titles of habilitated doctor (Stefan Koeppe and Tadeusz Żuliński) and 5 titles of doctor of Veterinary Medicine were awarded.

In April 2020, 13 basic departments were established and the education was conducted in different facilities, which were spread all over the city, often shared with the other faculties of the new university. In the mid-1950s, the facilities of the Collegium Veterinarium and veterinary clinics were put into service. All faculties, except for the Sub-department of Biochemistry (located at ul. Lubartowska) were moved to the new buildings.

The first dean was prof. dr. Józef Parnas. His work was successively continued by other deans of the faculty: prof. Kazimierz Krysiak, prof. Alfred Trawiński (4 terms), prof. Tadeusz Żuliński and prof. Marian Chomiak.

In 1955, the faculty became part of the newly established Higher School of Agriculture which was renamed in 1972, to the Agricultural University in Lublin and in 2008, to the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. There were three rectors of the university: prof. Marian Chomiak, Janusz Welento (3 terms) and Edmund Prost (2 terms). The following professors served as deans of the faculty: Zdzisław Finik (2 terms), Feliks Stański (2 terms), Edmund Prost (2 terms), Grzegorz Staśkiewicz, Janusz Welento, Stanisław Wołoszyn, Jan Buczek, Janusz Wawrzkiewicz (2 terms), Zbigniew Pomorski (2 terms), Andrzej Wernicki (2 terms) Stanisław Winiarczyk, and currently Iwona Puzio.

The name Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was created in 1995, following the decision of the Faculty Council, to match the name of the other three national faculties of Veterinary Medicine. Thus, the traditional name of the faculty, which was already used at the end of the 19th century by Lviv Academy of Veterinary Medicine, was restored.

Honorary titles of the lecturers of the faculty:

prof. dr hab. Janusz Welento, doctor honoris causa, the University of Debrecen (1978)
prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Staśkiewicz, doctor honoris causa, the Agricultural University in Lublin (1989)
prof. dr hab. Stefan Stępkowski, doctor honoris causa, the Agricultural University in Lublin (1989);
prof. dr hab. Stanislaw Woloszyn, doctor honoris causa, the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (1989)
prof. dr hab. Edmund Prost, doctor honoris causa, Humboldt University of Berlin  and the Agricultural University in Lublin (1999);
prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Pomorski, professor honoris causa, l’Ėcole Nationale Vėtėrinaire de Lyon (1998).