Sub-Department of Histology and Embryology

The Departament of Histology and Embryology started its activity in 1944 at Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. In 1952 it was transformed into a Sub-Department and included into a Department of Animal Anatomy. From 1957 the Sub-Department is localised in Collegium Veterinarium at Akademicka 12 street.

The research direction of the Department concerned mainly the development, construction, histochemistry and cytochemistry of the animal’s nervous system. A series of studies on the influence of some antibiotics administered for nutritional and therapeutic purposes on the intestinal mucosa of chickens was also performed. Research profile set out by prof. dr hab. Marek Wawrzyniak was extended by prof. dr hab. Regina Cybulska with research on neuroglia, which is structurally and functionally related to the central and peripheral nervous system. At present, the research focus mainly on central nervous system with use of immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent methods.

Histology and Embryology subject
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In our research, we use histochemical, histofluorescent, immunohistochemical, immunohistofluorescent and morphometric methods. Our studies concern mainly the development, construction, histochemistry and cytochemistry of the animal’s nervous system.

In the last decade, microscopic and immunohistochemical studies of neurons and neuroglia which is structurally and functionally related to the nervous system. Our research topics concern the following issues:

1. Neuroprotective role of ganglionic glial cells.

2. Morphological and functional variability of astroglia under the influence of gonadal hormones during oestrus cycle.

3. Distribution of immunopositive neurons reactive for selected calcium binding proteins in the brain of Chinchilla lanigera.

4. Protective influence of lipopolysaccharide on hipocampal neurons and astrocytes in the experimental model of epilepsy.

5. Localisation of oligodendrycytes in weakly myelinated areas of the brain during postnatal development of experimental animals.

6. Variability of astroglia, immunoreactive for selected proteins, in central nervous system areas in different stages of postnatal ontogenesis.

7. Neuronal and glial reactivity in central and periferal nervous system under the influence of egzogenic substances (e.g. capsaicin, rebaudioside A, monosodium glutamate) in different age groups of animals.

8. Influence of prenatal programming of postnatal development on morphology of structures in pig and mouse offspring.

Publications of the Department of Anatomy and Histology
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  • Head of the Sub-Department - Jadwiga Jaworska-Adamu

    Head of the Sub-Department

    Prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Jaworska-Adamu
    Phone: 81-445-68-59

    Room: 226


  • The person responsible for the subject - Karol Rycerz

    The person responsible for the subject:

    lek. wet. Karol Rycerz
    Phone: 81-445-66-63

    Room: 203