Sub-Department of Animal Anatomy

The origin of the Department of Animal Anatomy dates from 1944 when the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was open at Maria Curie Skłodowska University. Prof. K. Krysiak was the first Head of the Department. Its first residence was in the building of Junior Secondary School named after Stanisław Staszic at the address 26 Racławickie Avenue. Then it moved to 12 Akademicka Street where it still resides and the building is named Collegium Veterinarium. The administration position changed within years but now it is the Sub-Department of Animal Anatomy and it is the part of Department of Animal Anatomy and Histology. Its current Head Prof. M. Arciszewski was nominated on 1st September, 2013. 

Animal Anatomy
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Topographic Anatomy
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Surgical Anatomy
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For many years our investigations have been focused on both central and peripheral nervous systems of livestock, wild living and laboratory animals. If you want to see our publications click here.

Person responsible for Animal Anatomy:

Sylwia Mozel DVM

Collegium Veterinarium, room number 206.

Phone: 81-445-68-75



Person responsible for Topographic Anatomy:

Małgorzata Matysek DVM, PhD assistant professor

Collegium Veterinarium, room number: 222

Phone: 81 445 65 82