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Doctoral School
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Interdisciplinary and specialised education –  a doctoral degree with a future

PhD studies are conducted at the general academic, multidisciplinary Doctoral School. We offer a unique combination of interdisciplinarity and an advanced specialised curriculum. The Doctoral School of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin provides a joint course of study to all PhD students and a specialised programme for individual fields and disciplines. The uniform degree programme promotes the integration of the academic community, exchange of scientific experience and interdisciplinary perception of research problems. The added value of joint education is the open formula that allows PhD students constant scientific development and it enables the evolution of the Doctoral School according to the changing educational needs of the students of consecutive years.

Specialised degree programme

The path of specialised education for doctoral students is undertaken in collaboration with PhD thesis supervisors and the purpose of it is to implement individual research plans in Institutes and Departments, as well as to enable doctoral students to participate in seminars and professional traineeship. The specialised educational programme allows students to take part in various types of domestic and international courses, research internships and vocational training.

One of our priorities is the internationalisation of the Doctoral School

The Doctoral School is well prepared to recruit English-speaking PhD students. Promoters of PhD students and university lecturers, who are involved in educating at the Doctoral School, demonstrate a high degree of scientific mobility, therefore the university offers perspectives for international cooperation for PhD students, the instructors are involved in the implementation of international projects, participate in international symposia and conferences. Additionally, the research results of the professors from the university are published in prestigious, JCR-listed journals. The Doctoral School encourages PhD students, i.a., to participate in internships abroad and to attend international conferences, at the same time, the university offers financial support to the students who would like to engage in the above-mentioned activities, enables trips abroad in the framework of international exchange programmes, organises training courses conducted by foreign scientists, invites professors as part of the educational programme.

Prospects and career

The educational programme of the Doctoral School is designed to focus, first of all, on student traineeship which is conducted as part of implementation projects. Another and equally important goal of the Doctoral School is the constant care and development of academic staff, transfer of the scientific workshop to the younger generation of researchers and preventing the creation of the generation gap due to the retirement of many distinguished professors each year.