“Puree of waste after leaching of ingredients from red beet root Beta vulgaris L. as an ingredient in novel foodstuffs”

The project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Education from the “Implementation doctorate” program.

Discipline Food technology and human nutrition

The entity cooperating in the implementation of the project is KAMPOL – FRUIT Sp. z o.o. branch in Milejów

Mgr inż. Julian Szymański – Deputy Manager of the Quality Control Department at Kampol – Fruit Sp. z o.o.

PhD thesis advisor: Dr hab. Dominik Szwajgier, Associate Professor

The goal of the project is to transform essentially useless pomace into a valuable puree that can then be added as an ingredient in more complex foods or further processed. For example, the purée produced may be an addition to jams, ketchups and other foodstuffs. An additional goal of the project is to determine the activity of bioactive compounds present in the purée produced in terms of health-promoting properties.