1. WINTER SEMESTER 01.10.2023 – 18.02.2024


Inauguration of the academic year (day free from classes) – 29.09.2023

  • classes and lectures 02.10.2023 – 21.12.2023
  • winter holidays 22.12.2023 – 07.01.2024
  • continuation of classes and lectures 08.01.2024 – 26.01.2024
  • winter examination session and 1 correction 29.01.2024 – 09.02.2024
  • winter retake session and inter-semester break 12.02.2024 – 16.02.2024
  • 2nd retake session for Veterinary Medicine students 12.02.2024 – 29.02.2024
  1. SUMMER SEMESTER 19.02.2024 – 30.09.2024


  • classes and lectures 19.02.2024 – 28.03.2024
  • spring break 29.03.2024 – 03.04.2024
  • continuation of classes and lectures 04.04.2024 – 11.06.2024
  • summer examination session and 1 correction 12.06.2024 – 28.06.2024
  • summer holidays 01.07.2024 (including apprenticeships until 30.09.2024)
  • 2nd summer retake exam session; apprenticeship exam, I term – 01.09.2024 – 15.09.2024
  • apprenticeship exam, II term and the period in which all organizational matters related to the end of the 2022/2023 academic year and the beginning of the 2023/2024 academic year should be dealt with – 16.09.2024 – 30.09.2024
Regulations of studies
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Dean’s Office 

Robert Przylucki, MSc – Veterinary Medicine Dean’s Office Coordinator

tel. 48 81 528 47 24

30 Gleboka Street, 3 floor, Office 316 

The Virtual Dean’s Office (Virtual University) is the University’s IT system through which students can remotely obtain information about their programme of study, view announcements, obtain information about grades received, anonymously complete course evaluation surveys, etc.

1) To access your Virtual Dean’s Office account you need to log in to your student account. The login can be:

– e-mail address given during registration in the ULSL Admission System;

– your album number (you should obtain this information from the Dean’s Office).

2) A password is set by yourself using the remind/activate password button.

3) First login procedure is based on e-mail address:

Go to:

Select the remind/activate password button in the login window, then in the first window enter your e-mail address from the ULSL Admission System in place of your login, and in the second window enter the same e-mail address again.

A link to change your password will arrive at the e-mail address you have provided. Use this link to set a password containing a special character, a number and a capital letter.

Once you have established your password, you can log in to the Virtual Dean’s Office.

4) The same procedure works for resetting your password.

5) If you wish to change your e-mail address in the system, please contact the appropriate (for your programme of study) Dean’s Office.