Agronomy – Study in English
General information:

Agronomy course covers 1 semester (summer semester) and 15 didactic hours. Frontal lectures (15 h per semester) are in weekly intervals during 15 consecutive weeks 1 h each and cover selected topics necessary to follow others courses. Detailed description of topics is available in Syllabuses.

Lectures are held in Lecture Room No. 430 – Collegium Agronomicum

Person responsible for Agronomy:
Prof. dr hab. Aleksandra Badora – Collegium Agronomicum, room No. 431 (3rd floor)

 Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Agrobioengineering


Title of Class

Lecture 1 – soils fertility factors: agronomy__syllabus-_prof._a._badora(1)
Lecture 2 – factors of environmental protection
Lecture 3 – cereals
Lecture 4 – root plants
Lecture 5 – oil plants
Lecture 6 – bean plants
Lecture 7 – special plants
Lecture 8 – alternative plants
Presentations of students *
Lecture 10 – sustainable development in agriculture
Lecture 11 – crop shaping
Lecture 12 – ionic balance in the plants and safety of yields
 01-06-2020 Lecture 13 – advisory services and plant production
 08-06-2020 Presentations of students *

Summary and promotion

Requirements for students:
The note will be the average of:
a) Presentation 1 in the lecture 9.
Thema for presentation 1: „Climate, soils, environmental conditions and plants in your own country in context of security for animals and human” – (10 minutes presentation and living this presentation for the teacher).
b) Presentation 2 in the lecture 14.
Thema for presentation 2: „Ecological production, advisory service structure and sustainable development in agriculture in your own country” – (10 minutes presentation and living this presentation for the teacher).
c) Test in the end – on last lecture
d) Presence at the lectures
Supplementary materials
After (not before) every lecture – teacher will send every lecture to all students.
T Sheaffer: Introduction to Agronomy: Food,Crops and Environment.