Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry

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  • Circulation of macro and microelements as well as trace elements in agroecosystems and natural ecosystems under the influence of chemical-agriculture factors in plant production in the scheme: soil-fertilizer-plant-environment.
  • Chemical-agricultural evaluation of organic fertilizers, mineral and deacidification as well as deposits used to fertilize and to enrich soil. 
  • Evaluation of causes and results of soil acidifying. 
  • Evaluation of soil fertility and plants’ mineral content. 
  • Evaluation of chemical elements in agricultural crops, ford products and fodders.
  • Balanced fertilizing in different agricultural systems. 
  • Foreseeing and evaluation of fertilizing effects in agro and other ecosystems.
  • The influence of acid rain on soil and plants has been evaluated.
  • Crops reaction for existences of changeable aluminum in soil has been described.    
  • The possibilities of using the synthetic substances and organic deposits to improve the soil fertility have been studied.  
  • The consequent influence of water erosion on physiochemical and chemical property of loess soil.
  • The evaluating factor of soil susceptibility to reduction has been studied.
  • The fertilizing value of amidophosphate ammonia has been evaluated.
  • Under the Department auspices there is Students Science Association of Biogeochemists