Department of Machine Operation and Production Process Management

Scientific research is focused on the management of production processes and the operation of agricultural and eco-energy machines and devices. As part of these issues, employees carry out 3 research tasks:

  1. Economic and ecological efficiency of the energetic use of plant raw materials and technological processes.
  2. Biological, qualitative and economic aspects of using biostimulants in plant cultivation.
  3. Assessment of agrochemical application techniques and technologies in terms of the quality of obtained raw materials and agricultural products.


The Department has specialized laboratories:

  • agrochemical application technician,
  • mineral fertilization,
  • renewable energy sources.

In the years 2000-2020, 12 doctoral theses were carried out in the Department, 6 employees obtained the habilitation degree, 3 others – title of professor of agricultural sciences and 1 – title of professor of engineering and technical sciences. During this period, two research projects granted by the NCBiR and one international project not co-financed as part of cooperation with CRA-W in Gembloux, were carried out. Scientific achievements of the staff of the Department in 2000-2020 include over 700 original creative works (scientific articles, monographs and chapters in monographs), including 58 in journals with IF. During this period, 5 patents and 5 utility models were registered at the Patent Office, as well as 3 patent applications and 3 utility models are pending. Additionally, nearly 200 popular science articles were published.

Since 2006, the International Symposia “Farm Machinery and Process Management in Sustainable Agriculture” have been organized together with CRA-W Gembloux. The last – tenth FMPMSA symposium was held in 2019; seventy-four participants took part in it, including 22 persons from foreign centers.

The didactic activity is focused on topics closely related to the scientific activity of employees, which, combined with the laboratories owned, allows to conduct classes at the highest level.