Department of Food Engineering and Machines

 Implemented research issues and basic research directions:

  • research on lines and machines in the food industry,
  • research related to health and safety in agriculture and the food industry,
  • research on the production of feed for companion animals,
  • theoretical and empirical research on the process of grinding, pressure and non-pressure agglomeration of plant materials,
  • research on the granulation process of biological materials,
  • tests of plant materials resistance to cracking – cereal grains,
  • research on the baking process of bread with various additives and evaluation of rheological properties of various food products,
  • tests of physical properties, including rheological ones of raw materials and food products, as well as the microstructure of biological materials,
  • studies of phenomena occurring during the storage of loose and granular materials,
  • research on thermal and hydrothermal treatment of plant materials,
  • tests of the properties of groats raw materials and their processing techniques,
  • research on the microstructure of biological materials,
  • testing of machines and technological processes used in gastronomy,
  • research on new technologies in confectionery production,
  • management of waste from the agri-food industry for consumption and fodder.

Implemented research grants – completed in 2019/2020.

1. Project financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Operational Program 2014÷2020, Priority axis 1 Enterprises and innovations Measure 1.2 Innovative Enterprises, Sub-measure 1.2.1 Innovative enterprises – horizontal competition, Scheme 1.2.C.b Services for enterprises – ‘Voucher for innovation’.

Subject: Purchase of innovative recipes for food products for animals.

2. Project under the program BIOSTRATEG. BIOSTRATEG2/298357/8/NCBR/2016.

Subject: Development of innovative technologies for comprehensive utilization of waste generated during fattening pigs.

Other completed research projects

a) Research project No. 3 PO6T 018 23.

Subject: Research on the development of technological assumptions for the production of products with the addition of binding substances based on selected plant raw materials.

b) Research project No. N N313 155035.

Subject: Influence of rapeseed pre-treatment on the oil extrusion process and its quality.

          c) Research project No. N N313 757140.

       Subject: Analysis and optimization of the parameters of the cleaning and pneumatic separation process of difficult-to-separate biological mixtures.