Faculty Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Direction of research

The research conducted by the Faculty comprises all the issues of horticulture out of which the most important are the following items:

  • basic studies in the field of anatomy and cytology, growth biology, plant anthesis and fructification, photosynthesis, the use of growth regulators, mineral feeding of plants;
  • problems connected with intensification of horticultural cultivations – fruit orchards, berry-bearing shrubs, seed cultivations, nurseries and commodity cultivation of a number of species of vegetables, ornamental plants, spices, forest plants and plants which are new on the market;
  • studies on plant protection (bacteria, fungi, insects, weeds etc.), degradation of natural environment, and soil and plant contamination with heavy metals;
  • studies on the economics in the production of basic species of fruit, vegetables and flowers in Poland and studying the market of fruit, vegetables and flowers in central-eastern Poland;
  • monitoring of pollen fall, anatomy and experimental cytology of plants;
  • reproduction of horticultural plants in vitro;
  • studies in ecology and hydrobiology.

Basic research in the field of anatomy and cytology, growth biology, flowering and fruiting, photosynthesis, the use of growth regulators and mineral plant nutrition, as well as in the field of ecology and hydrobiology; applied research related to the improvement of horticultural crops (fruit plants, legumes, ornamental and medicinal plants) and plant protection. The research also covers the production economics of horticultural plants species and sustainable landscape revitalization of the Lublin Region.