Professor Sławomir Kocira

Faculty of Production Engineering
Department of Machinery Exploitation and Management of Production Processes
phone no. +48 81 5319735

Characteristics of the conducted research

  1. Natural biostimulants – production and application in the cultivation of legumes
  2. Management of agricultural technique and production processes in farms
  3. Quality management and quality systems


  1. Szparaga, A., Kocira, S., Kapusta, I., and Zaguła, G. (2021). Prototyping extracts from Artemisia absinthium L. for their biostimulating properties yield-enhancing, and farmer income-increasing properties. Crop. Prod. 160, 113125.
  2. Kocira S., Szparaga, A., Hara, P. Treder, K., Findura, P., Bartoš, P., and Filip, M. (2020). Biochemical and economical effect of application biostimulants containing seaweed extracts and amino acids as an element of agroecological management of bean cultivation. Sci Rep. 10, 17759.
  3. Kocira S. (2019). Efektywność środków trwałych w rozwojowych gospodarstwach rolnych. Kraków, Wydawnictwo Inżynieria Rolnicza, s. 88, ISBN 978-83-64377-31-0
  4. Kocira S., Krawczuk A., Mucha A., Marczuk A., Parafiniuk S. (2015). The 5S technique as a part of quality management in a chemical enterprise. A case study. Przem. Chem. 94(7), 1209-1212