On March 28, 2022, International Integration Polish Culture Workshops were  held at the Congress Centre for international and Polish students, doctoral students and university employees.

The integration meeting was organized as part of the project “Let ME know YOU – Welcome to ULSL” in the Welcome to Poland – NAWA program, thanks to the cooperation of the Technology Transfer Centre, ERASMUS+ Office and the Song and Dance Ensemble “Jawor”.

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The workshops were attended by over 50 participants, including students studying both in Polish and English – participants of the ERASMUS + programme and full-time students, doctoral students, university administration employees and academic teachers.

The program of the event covered the presentation of Polish regional folk costumes with a cultural comments made by Mr. Kazimierz  Kozak – a representative of  the Song and Dance Ensemble “Jawor” and translated by Izabela Wolska – Erasmus + programme coordinator. After that the participants had a chance to try on various items of folk clothing or decorative elements such as wreaths, beads, hats, robes. The participants seemed really happy given this unusual opportunity.

When the photo session in folk costumes was over, the participants were  invited to admire a folk dance show by Jawor.  Silesian dances and a polonaise encouraged everyone to join in a polonaise dance on stage. A while later students from Turkey and Spain managed to gather everyone on stage again to teach and perform the dances popular in their countries.

Tasting of traditional Polish and regional dishes was the last part of the workshops. Participants could enjoy, among others traditional dumplings with three different  flavour fillings, forszmak lubelski – a traditional stew from Lublin region, herring fillets in oil with onion piróg biłgorajski  – buckwheat groats with cottage cheese in dough or  mini onion pies with butter or apple pie and poppy seed cake.

The project “Institutional support of UPL in the area of ​​internationalization by eliminating communication barriers in a multicultural academic environment” “Let ME know YOU – Welcome to ULSL”, implemented as part of the “Welcome to Poland” program, contract no. PPI / WTP / 2019/1/00047 / U / 00001 of 19/11/2019, is financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange – from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, non-competition project entitled Raising the competences of the academic staff and the potential of universities in accepting people from abroad – Welcome to Poland implemented as part of the Action specified in the application for project funding no. ROW.03.03.00-00-PN14/18.