On January 27 and 30, 2023 were held interdisciplinary scientific seminars between doctoral students of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin and invited doctoral students representing foreign research centers. The aim of the seminars was to present and discuss the scope of research work carried out as part of the doctoral dissertation. The seminars had a hybrid form and were attended by 12 PhD students. The seminars were organized and conducted by dr hab. Barbara Sowińska-Świerkosz, associate professor.

Topics of the presentations

Jowita Zwolska, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Studies on choroidal imaging in dogs using optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT)

Beatriz Altamira Algarra, UPC Barcelona
Bioplastic production by photosynthetic microbiomes. 

Wojciech Biszczak, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Biotic and abiotic elicitors inducing plant defense mechanisms as a means of biofortification of plant-derived foods

Krzysztof Kowal, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Mitochondrial genomics of canine malignant tumours (Canis lupus familiaris)

Adam Staniszewski, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Isolation, characteristic and potential use of probiotic yeasts found in spontaneously fermented plant products as an element of fortified food

Ana Álvarez González, UPC Barcelona
The production of biofertilizer and biostimulants bymicroalgae grown in wastewater

Joanna Wajs, University Life Sciences in Lublin
The addition of plant ingredients as a factor modifying the quality of yoghurts

Sebastian Kuśmierz, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Environmental consequences of C and N turnover in agroecosystems

Magdalena Cieplak, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Virulence analysis and characteristics of the Blumeria graminis f.sp avenae population in Poland in recent years

Anna Wilczyńska, University Life Sciences in Lublin
Study on the epidemiology of encephalitozoonosis in small mammals

Nikolaos Mastrodimos, University College Dublin
 Identifying and characterising effector proteins from the fungal pathogen of wheat, Zymoseptoria tritici

Katarzyna Wieszczeczynska, University of Southern Denmark
Capacity Building for Operationalising Urban Resilience Transition