Doctoral Student: Magdalena Szydłowska-Tutaj,  PZZ Lubella Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. in Lublin

Supervisor: Urszula Złotek, Phd, associate professor | Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry| discipline: food and nutrition technology

Auxiliary supervisor: Maciej Combrzyński, Phd | Department of Thermal Technology and Food Process Engineering | discipline: Environmental engineering, mining and energy

Company supervisor: Marta Czajka | PZZ Lubella Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. in Lublin

Title: “Nutritional and health-enhancing quality of durum wheat pasta enriched with dried mushrooms with documented pro-health potential”

Aim: The aim of the research will focus on development and optimization of the technology and analysis of the sensory quality, physicochemical properties, and nutritional and health-enhancing qualities of durum wheat pasta enriched with selected dried mushrooms.

Proposed research: In fortified products, interactions may occur between the matrix components and the bioactive compounds of raw materials used for enrichment. Therefore, to confirm the health-enhancing quality of produced pasta, it is necessary to conduct scientific research of the biological activity and potential bioavailability of bioactive compounds of the finished product. The proposed research is designed to use commercially available dried mushrooms with scientifically documented pro-health potential for fortification of durum wheat pasta. The project is aimed to develop a procedure for production of dried mushrooms-enriched pasta, which will exhibit increased nutraceutical potential and an acceptable level of organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics.