Beata Zawadzka, MSc
Company: Mont-San Mirosław Zalewski
Supervisor: Professor Tadeusz Siwiec
Discipline: Environmental engineering, mining and power engineering


„Development of design and operation guidelines and implementation of a chemisorptive modular phosphorus removal system in a selected wastewater treatment plant”.

Phosphorus present in insufficiently treated wastewater adversely affects the condition of the receivers, generating algae blooms and worsening the water quality. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce new solutions in the technological lines of wastewater treatment plants, which will allow for its effective removal from wastewater. This problem is necessary to solve especially in small sewage treatment plants, which are scattered throughout the country in large numbers.

Aim of the project:

The aim of the project is to design, optimize and implement a module filled with a specially prepared organogenic carbonate-silica rock for additional phosphorus removal from pre-treated domestic and industrial wastewater.

The effect of the implementation of the implementation doctorate should be an innovative, cheap and easy to install and use system for removing phosphorus from pre-treated wastewater.

Implementation subject:

System of phosphorus removal from pre-treated wastewater.