Dr hab. inż. Antoni Grzywna

Faculty of Production Engineering
Department of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy
phone no. +48 81-532-06-44,
e-mail: antoni.grzywna@up.lublin.pl

Characteristics of the conducted research

  1. Water quality and pollution
  2. Drainage and irrigation
  3. Water resource management


  1. Spatial and temporal variability of water quality in the Bystrzyca river basin, Poland. ANTONI GRZYWNA, URSZULA BRONOWICKA-MIELNICZUK. Water 2020 Vol. 12 Issue 1 art. number 190 s. 1-17
  2. The effect of adjustable outflow on the fluctuations in the level of surface and ground water.  ANTONI GRZYWNA, ALINA KOWALCZYK-JUŚKO. J. Ecol. Eng. 2018 Vol. 19 Issue 2 s. 159-163
  3. Analysis of the ecological status of surface waters in the region of the Lublin conurbation. Antoni GRZYWNA, Joanna SENDER, Urszula BRONOWICKA-MIELNICZUK.  Rocz. Ochr. Śr. 2017 T. 19 s. 439-450