Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy

Direction of research

The current research activities of the Faculty of Biology, Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy are mainly focused on the following problems:

• breeding of farm livestock,
• efficiency of directional and indirect selection in animal breeding,
• genetic and physiological enhancement of animal productivity,
• development of early criteria for animal selection,
• inheritance of performance traits in animals,
• searching for genetic markers as indicators of livestock performance,
• improving the reproductive and performance traits of animals,
• restitution and conservation of animal genetic resources,
• breeding and use of horses,
• apidology and beekeeping,
• biology and ecology of wild animals,
• animal nutrition,
• bromatology,
• monitoring of animal welfare,
• conditions of animal housing,
• animal hygiene,
• assessment of animal health status,
• animal behaviour,
• biochemical and toxicological research,
• assessment of animal raw products,
• organic food production,
• conservation of natural environment,
• conservation and shaping of the landscape,
• environmental hazards,
• aquatic and moorland ecosystems,
• biology and ecology of wild insects and bred in agroecosystems,
• fisheries and hunting.