Faculty of Agrobioengineering


The Faculty of Agro-Bioengineering at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin is one of the oldest faculties in post-war Poland. It was originally established at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, which was founded on 23 October 1944.

The faculty consists of 11 organisational units, including 2 institutes and 9 departments. There are 132 academic lecturers employed at the faculty: 38 titular professors, 7 habilitated doctors at the position of associate professor, 5 assistant professors with an academic title of habilitated doctor, 55 assistant professors with a title of doctor, 9 senior lecturers and 18 assistants with a doctoral degree or a master’s degree. There are also 60 research and didactic employees at the faculty.

The Faculty of Agro-Bioengineering has full academic rights to award titles: habilitated doctor of agronomy and environmental science, doctor of agronomy and environmental science and doctor of agricultural sciences and environmental management. 502 doctoral theses and 165 post-doctoral theses have been written at the faculty so far.

18320 students have graduated from the faculty including 11275 students with a master’s degree and 7045 with an engineer’s degree. At the faculty, there are 2671 full-time and part-time students of: agriculture, commodity science, economics, environmental engineering, tourism and recreation and spatial management. There are currently 20 doctoral students at the faculty.