Sub-Department of Rural Sociology

Head: dr hab. Maria Miczyńska – Kowalska, research and didactic assistant professor

Dr Konrad Buczma, Assistant Professor
Dr Sylwia Rogala – Walczyńska, Assistant Professor,
Mgr inż. Anna Machnacz-Rolla, engineering and technical specialist,

Since 2017, the Sub-Department of Rural Development has been operating at the Department of Industrial and Medical Plants

Sub-Department conducts research including a comprehensive analysis of the consumption process in the perspective of sustainable development of the Lublin Province. They include economic and socio-cultural conditions. The impact of social, cultural and economic factors on consumer behaviour was also studied. The environmental awareness of consumers was also analysed. The research conducted combines cognitive and application functions. The results of the research will enable the development of programmes of practical actions to stimulate the development of sustainable consumption and at the same time counteract the negative phenomena of environmental and cultural degradation.

Subjects implemented by the Sub-Department of Rural Sociology:- Legal basis of law, – Law-making, – Legal conditions governing land use, – Customs law, – Ethics, – Health and safety at work and ergonomics, – Protection of intellectual property and health and safety, – Protection of intellectual property, – Administrative and financial law, – Economic law, – Agricultural law, – Bioethics, – Law on tourism and recreation, – Administrative proceedings, – Law, – Protection of intellectual property, ergonomics and health and safety at work in forestry, – Demography, – Sociology of health and safety at work, – Sociology, – Social communication, – Sociology of leisure time, – Marketing management, – Sociology as regards selected aspects, – Sociology in tourism, – Interpersonal communication, – Spatial management theory, – Sociology and environmental psychology, – GP research methods.