Department of Thermal Technology and Food Process Engineering

The Department of Thermal Technology and Food Process Engineering conducts research activities related to the processing of plant raw materials for food, feed and industrial purposes. The research issues of the unit also concern the storage, preservation and enrichment of food. In particular, research interests of employees focus on: analysis and modeling of drying kinetics of biological materials, theoretical and empirical studies of thermal processes with a focus on food processing, assessment of the impact of preliminary treatments on changes in physical and functional properties of biomaterials, analysis of the process of grinding plant raw materials, food storage, pressure and thermal processing of plant raw materials for food and feed purposes, development of extrudate production technology, engineering of biopolymers, obtaining biodegradable packaging materials and aspects of extruder construction. The result of these activities is a number of scientific publications issued in prestigious journals distinguished in the JCR database. In addition, the Department is currently conducting a research project under the LIDER program entitled “Development of a comprehensive technology for obtaining the high-quality extruded snacks based on plant and animal raw materials with a minimum degree of processing”, carried out under the supervision of Maciej Combrzyński, PhD, and a project within the MINIATURE 3 competition entitled “Dehydrated and powdered leek as a concentrate of biologically active substances: evaluation of thermostability and phenolic compounds profile”, conducted under the supervision of Beata Biernacka, PhD Eng. The Department also intensively cooperates with the socio-economic environment, which results in a number of expert opinions, commissioned research and joint ventures carried out with the industry.