Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

 The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation conducts research in the field of:

  • identification of mechanical characteristics of plant and animal materials in terms of reducing the losses and optimizing the course of technological operations,
  • modeling the behavior of plant and biological materials under various mechanical stress conditions,
  • kinematics and dynamics of machines in terms of their impact on plants during harvesting and transport,
  • modeling the dynamics of multi-link chains,
  • computer systems supporting the user in solving the operational problems using artificial intelligence methods,
  • system construction, implementation and use; quality, information security, occupational health and safety, and food safety management as well as risk analysis in these areas,
  • construction of new and adaptation of existing devices and machine elements for the needs of agri-food sector enterprises using CAD systems,
  • process automation – production quality control and monitoring of technological processes,
  • security automation – hazard identification, risk analysis, determination of the safety integrity level for the proposed safety functions in the agri-food industry,
  • materials engineering – production and optimization of the mechanical properties of biodegradable materials.