Department of Biological Bases of Food and Feed Technology

The research issues conducted at Department of Biological Bases of Food and Feed Technology are of a basic and applied nature:

  • tests of physical properties of raw materials and food products are carried out,
  • changes in the properties of raw materials and food taking place under the influence of various methods of technological processing, are analyzed,
  • quality of oils is assessed by determining the acid number, peroxide number and oxidative stability (induction time),
  • the influence of chemical and physical pollutants on the properties of food, as well as the role of food additives and the risks resulting from the use of genetically modified raw materials and food irradiation, is characterized,
  • chemical and biochemical conversion of biological materials is carried out, with particular emphasis on the processing and use of renewable energy sources, including the determination of biologically active substances (higher fatty acids by gas chromatography, antitrypsin activity (TIA) by the BAPA method and the activity of neurotoxins by the BOAA method,
  • research on the use of vacuum impregnation in food production is conducted,
  • methods for the management of by-products and waste are analyzed, with particular emphasis on those generated in the agri-food industry,
  • research on the kinetics of cooling, freezing and thawing food, forecasting its thermophysical properties, deep freezing (LNF and LNCO2), the influence of additives on the course of food refrigeration, optimization of impingement and reverse fluidization processes, energy systems of the food industry, freeze-drying and new insulation materials, is carried out.