We are pleased to announce that the international project entitled “Consumer of Organic Food in the Visegrad Group Countries”, prepared by a team led by Dr. Julia Wojciechowska-Solis, from the Faculty of Agrobioengineering in cooperation with partners from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, received funding from the Visegrad Fund!

The aim of the project is to identify and compare the characteristics of organic food consumers, their purchasing decisions and behaviors in the region of the Visegrad Group countries. Project consortium, including University of Life Sciences in Lublin, University of Life Sciences in Poznań, College of Polytechnics Jihlava (Czech Republic), Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (Hungary), will perform joint research, presentation of the results obtained and the exchange of knowledge in the form of open lectures.

The project will provide support to the organic food market in the region by collecting, disseminating and presenting the results obtained on the consumption of organic food products among V4 consumers.

The project “Consumer of Organic Food in the Visegrad Group Countries” will start in October 2023 and will last 18 months.

The total amount of the grant is EUR 35,689 (over PLN 150,000).

Congratulations on your success!

The project was developed with the support of the International Projects Office – we cordially invite you to contact us and apply in the next editions of the competition ()!