MSc. Sylwia Figiel under the supervision of dr hab. Marzena Sylwia Brodowska, Assoc. prof. is implementing a project titled “Development of technology for the production of winter forms of wheat and rapeseed using innovative microbiologically enriched fertilizers”.

The main goal of the project is to develop technologies for growing cereal and oil plants by fertilizing with innovative microbiologically enriched fertilizers (biofertilizers), which not only stimulate the growth and development of plants, but also contribute to increasing the efficiency of using nutrients from fertilizers and soil. The research hypothesis assumes that the use of new microbiologically enriched fertilizer products on test plants will reduce the level of mineral fertilization by at least 25%. A positive impact of the obtained products on the yield and quality parameters of test plants is also assumed. The project will produce prototypes of innovative mineral fertilizers enriched with microbial consortiums. As part of the assessment of the effectiveness of new fertilizers in relation to standard mineral fertilization, field experiments will be carried out with crop plants (winter wheat, winter rapeseed) in terms of the impact of innovative fertilizer products on plant yielding, chemical composition and their quality parameters. The obtained fertilizer products and plant fertilization technologies using them will be recommended for implementation into agricultural practice.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Education from the “Implementation Doctorate I” program. The entity cooperating in the implementation of the project is the Lublin Agricultural Advisory Center in Końskowola.