• Faculty: Agrobioengineering
  • Type of studies: second-cycle (full time) studies/Master’s (Engineer’s) degree
  • Duration: 3 semesters 
  • Diploma: recognized within European Union 


  • Information about the programme

    Studies in the field of Agriculture provide a comprehensive education in this field, integrating knowledge from an extensive range that goes far beyond its stereotypical perception. Some of the issues that the learning programme includes are ecological agricultural production, renewable energy, the use of GPS systems, environmental protection.

    Graduates of this Faculty obtain broadened knowledge of life sciences mainly in the field of plant production as well as technological and technical knowledge. They learn the methods of economic analysis, management and the principles of organizing economic activity. They have knowledge in the field of Ecology and Environmental Protection and humanistic knowledge in the field of Sociology, Ethics, Rural History and Agriculture. All these skills combined with the knowledge of research methodology, the use of operating systems and databases support, enables the graduates to work not only in the field of Agriculture, but also in many other branches of Economy and local Government Administration.